5 of the Best Lever Action Guns of All Time

Winchester 1873

A rifle is part of any survivalist's “required equipment,” if they can possibly help it.

No only can a rifle be used for hunting everything from small game to Elk, it also is worth its weight in gold as a weapon of self-defense and also as a barter item.

In many ways, excluding a handgun for up-close self-defense, a rifle is one of the most versatile survival tools you can have in your survival arsenal.

Of all the different types of rifles, the lever action rifle was in many ways the most instrumental weapon utilized to help create the North America we know today.

It revolutionized the American West as much as the Colt handgun as well as hunting for Whitetail deer across the nation.

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  1. Chuck Bobbitt said:

    I’d add the Model 1895 Winchester to that list. I’ve got one in .270 and I love it.