5 Facts That Prove That the U.S. Economy is Currently in Far Worse Shape Than it Was During 2016

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For many of us our economy in the United States is a mystery. We read the newspapers, examine on-line stats, and listen to the president and politicians on TV but without context, the world of high finance can go completely over our heads!

What we need are concrete examples. We need to be shown why our economy is either good or bad year to year.

Unfortunately, experts in the field are telling us that things are very bad in 2017.

You can put the blame on any number of circumstances but when the economy goes, when there is no return, there will be so many problems for the average human being that it will make our heads spin!

Think about a ten-dollar loaf of bread or those charming dollar stores suddenly disappearing because no one can make a profit anymore. Car dealerships? Might as well give them away because no one will be able to afford an automobile.

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  1. Jason Baker said:

    This article really helped me hone in my survival skills! Thanks a lot….