5 Effective Natural Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Substances to Use During SHTF


Inflammation comes in many forms, whether it's common muscle pain after a workout or arthritis from a lifetime of hard work.

Inflammation is one of the most common ailments in the country and is treated by a variety of prescription and over the counter medications.

But what will you do when you can no longer get your hands on these medications?

Living with inflammation can be incredibly painful, even crippling, to the point that you'll no longer be able to get any work done and may even be confined to a bed until you're done in… which could mean anything in the days post-SHTF.

What you need to know are ways to manage your inflammatory ailments even if all the drug stores are cleaned out, and your personal stock is used up.

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  1. James Quinlan said:

    Makes perfect sense thatthe tin foil hat crowd would also enjoy snake oil.

  2. Thomas Whitten said:

    Well, I don’t have wild turmeric or fish oil trees growing around me. If you can store the spices mentioned here, you have plenty of time and room for OTC items in bulk. I’m sure these items work but a years supply of Tylenol would take up about the same space on the shelf. Aspirin is not recommended for long term storage as it can go bad. I’ll stick with the OTC ibuprofen and generic Tylenol for now. 🙂