$5 DIY Slingshot: Use Only Household Items to Create a Survival Weapon You NEED!

DIY slingshot

One of the biggest deterrents when it comes to top-rated survival equipment – or weapons – is their price. Sure, they might be “the best,” do as they are intended, and you might even think they are well worth the price.

If you could get nearly the same thing at a fraction of the price would you not take it?

Admittedly, it might take some labor but if you like working with your hands, at least, one weapon can be a joy to construct! In this case, we're talking about a functional and useful slingshot! Before you say: “Seriously?!’ you really need to watch the video on page two.

This survivalist shows us everything we need to make a slingshot. This includes the supplies, how to put it together, and he even takes us out for target practice! Not bad when you consider everything came from a dollar store or used supplies that were already available to him!

Watch this prepper as he creates a slingshot and spend only $5 on supplies on the next page.

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