5 Clever Tricks for Emergency Cooking When Doomsday Arrives

solar cooker

If you find yourself in an emergency situation with no power and no access to kitchen appliances, you may be tempted to panic over the food situation.

Every savvy survivalist knows the value of prepping for such emergencies, and we're about to share five valuable tips to help you stay ahead.

Some of these tricks are more back-to-basics while other tricks may require more money or time to build.

It's good to have a collection of useful tips to help you prepare for less than desirable situations, but it shouldn't stop there.

You should stock up on a wide variety of non-perishable foods and everyday items. Think canned and boxed goods, it's also good to have foods you can cook, and these tips will make it easier to do just that.

You need to eat a good hot meal, especially in survival situations.

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