5 Bushcraft Basics That’ll Help You Do More Than Just Surviving When All Hell Breaks Loose…

girl using a saw

Bushcraft skills are usually defined as any skill which is used primarily for living efficiently in the wilderness. This can be anything from whittling skills for tool-making purposes to fire-crafting skills.

Many preppers have a love/hate relationship with bushcraft. For some, it is seen as an essential set of skills to have and that these skills should make up the bulk of how you plan to survive.

For others, bushcraft is seen as an unreliable source of skills in the face of such modern conveniences as a Bic lighter and extremely durable fiberglass-handled tools.

Both sides are correct. While many bushcraft techniques, such as traditional flint and steel fire starting, are extremely obsolete and more energy-consuming than not, there are hundreds which can be extremely useful, should you ever need to use them.

For the top five most interesting bushcraft skills, take a look at the list on the next page.

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