4 Old Wives Tales That Are Surprisingly True

old wives tales


Our Great-Great Grandmother, on both sides, passed away years ago. As a matter of fact, we never met them. However, some of their teachings of years pass have remained, passed down from the generations, and retold to us by Mom and Dad.

We tend to find ourselves occasionally shaking our heads with regard to that “old-fashion” speak and way of life, chiefly with the advent of time, science, and things “we know better now” about.

While a countless amount of their sayings are taken with a grain of salt, there are many surprising things – from those wise words – that can be used for everyday life situations!

Honestly, Great Grandma was no fool! She did not have time in her busy life to randomly say things that had no meaning. Even the most “out there” saying probably had a grain of substance in it somewhere.

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