4 Off Grid Water Sources – Bringing Water to a Homestead

water pump

There are a lot of constants in life and one of them is when a disaster hits, when resources are low, people are going to need fresh, clean water. Without uncontaminated water, we are all pretty much doomed so it is a sincere priority during a SHTF situation!

Now, how we go about getting our clean water varies. Think about where you are located or where you will be located if you have a bug-out location. Do you have a fresh water source readily available?

If you are close enough to the city to still get water from its main source that is fine. However, under extreme circumstances, if there is a problem there, let’s say a power not so friendly with our country, we could be in serious trouble with the contamination of our H20 supply. In other words, you will still need to find fresh water from another source.

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