4 Edible Looking Plants That Are Actually TOXIC

Being aware of what plants and berries you can consume while in the wild is a matter of life or death. If you consume something that is hazardous or poisonous, you could be in a very bad situation. And depending on where you are, you may not have the means to get medical attention as quickly as you need to. As a survivalist, you have prepared for a variety of situations and scenarios. Another thing to add to your memory bank is which plans or berries you can safely consume in a survivalist or emergency situation that will sustain and nourish you, not kill you.

It's important to learn about these unsafe items because many look completely edible. Some look like cherries and others looks like delicious green tomatoes. So you can't rely on their appearance because unknowingly your brain can associate their familiar color or shape with something you've consumed in the past (something that was safe) and without meaning to, you've placed yourself in a very dangerous situation.

On page 2, we're going to review 4 toxic plans you must avoid in the wild. 


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