4 Credible Reasons You Should Add a Pellet Air Gun to Your Arsenal

pellet gun

When you were young, you most likely used airsoft guns and BB guns before graduating to other guns. You also probably had a pellet gun because that's where it all begins for young outdoorsmen. After all, pellet guns are very easy to use.

When a survivalist gets older, they usually leave their BB guns behind and focus on larger calibers so that they can easily hunt. It's a skill that many survivalists make sure they have — utilizing different weapons so that they'll be ready to deal with a collapse.

However, when the grid goes down, a humble pellet gun will once again become a reliable weapon for many preppers. In order to provide for yourself and your family, this is a small-caliber weapon you can rely on.

You may be wondering, though — is it really a good idea to put your trust in a pellet gun when you already have other powerful weapons?

On the next page, check out 4 convincing reasons you shouldn't give up on your pellet gun just yet. Who knew that a pellet gun is actually a practical solution to hunting and more when SHTF! 

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  1. Donald G Woodling said:

    I got a .22 caliber and it’s a must. Silent but deadly. And it will put a world of hurt on a human too. Maybe even kill.

  2. Daniel Pickering said:

    I agree these things kick$#%&[email protected]*Easy to buy, my kids got several and they’ll shoot do more than shoot your eye out.Teaches kid responsible behavior and attitude.

  3. Andy Sierra said:

    I have one incase the shf i will be hunting small bird’s and rodents with it and save the real stuff for the bad guy’s .

  4. Bill Hewitt said:

    My brother and I kept our grandmother’s deep freeze full of rabbits and squirrels with pellet guns when we were kids.

  5. Matthew Chapin said:

    Don’t give away all our secrets… survival (of the fittest) requires less sheep. Be a Coyote.

  6. Christian Loveland said:

    I have the .17 & it’s 1400 ft per sec. With the good red tip pellets ! Super cheap ammo and does the same thing a .22 can at 1/4 of the price. I got the Gammo show stopper and we love it. Went through 1 full and a half sheet of plywood as the backing of target.

  7. Ernest Levesque said:

    It is a surprise that they work so well on small game and you can have more ammo for less weight and cost. should it be your only go to gun nope. But it can help when you need to save more expensive ammo. All air guns have a plus and minus so do some homework but do get one.

  8. Robert Jones said:

    They are great for spiders or creepy crawlies, mainly when you just use the compressed air without a pellet.