4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Add a Pellet Air Gun to Your Arsenal

pellet gun

In a survival situation, you'll want a weapon that you can rely on to put food on the table. Why waste your expensive bullets on a rabbit when you can so easily use the small caliber of a pellet rifle? For that and more reasons, check out the plausible reasons why you should have a pellet gun below.

Survival Reason # 1: Excellent Small Game Hunter
A pellet gun, especially .22 caliber, is an excellent weapon to take down small game. Rabbit, squirrel, dove, quail, duck and the like are excellent food sources and are readily available in most of the country. With practice, hunting small game with a pellet gun is absolutely no problem.
Survival Reason # 2: The AMMO
You can buy 100s of pellets for just a few bucks. Spend $50 and you’ve got enough to last a lifetime of small game hunting.
Not only are pellets DIRT CHEAP, they are very small. You can carry 1000s and not even know they are there. You can store 10s of 1000s in just 1 shoe box. To top it off, pellets have a shelf life of pretty much FOREVER!

For a few more compelling reasons why pellet guns are where the future is headed for survivalists, visit the next page. After reading #4, it makes total sense to add a pellet gun to my arsenal! 

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  1. David Padilla said:

    You need to buy them new pellets they got a red tip there sharp it hits and the red spin tip will do the rest

  2. Michael Culter said:

    I have a 40 year old multi pump .22 pellet gun and I still limit on rabbits and squirrels with it. Even took a grouse last year with it.

  3. Christina Helen Steinhibel said:

    Ammo is cheap and light. I’ll eat a dove any time especially over a 5year crappy bar. We are talking food people not protection.