4 Animals to be on the Lookout for While Bugging Out in the Desert


How great it would be if, when bugging out, all we had to do is worry about warmth, food, water, and where we go from here once the SHTF. Sadly, while camped out, we have other worries too. The animal kingdom.

That’s right; if our minds and bodies are not already taxed with what we have just endured – aka the collapse of mankind – we now have to worry about wild animals deciding to make us a snack or just killing us because we’ve encroached on their area. Sometimes life just does not seem fair but, like with everything else, we will endure.

We simply have to know how to take care of ourselves and how to avoid potential threats. Yet, what animals should we be on the look-out for when bugging out desert? Man, of course, is a threat. You never know when someone will see you and want what you have. But, on the more “wild” side, we have some recommendations.

After the break, go over to the next page and see what four (4) animals we feel you should watch-out for when bugging out in the dessert!

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