4 Amazingly Ordinary Items You Can Use for Survival

Emergencies are rarely something you know about in advance. They usually strike when you least expect them to and often times you don't feel like you have what you need with you. But knowing that and knowing you could be left in a vulnerable situation doesn't mean you should feel overwhelmed. Instead, it's up to you to be resourceful! If you ever watched MacGyver growing up, you know how important it is to think fast, be aware of your surroundings and make something useful out of practically nothing. Yes, we know they can make anything seem possible on t.v. But the point we want to focus on here is that being open minded and creative can get you out of a tricky situation or potentially fix a bad one.

For example, did you know cheesecloth and charcoal can be used to purify water? We didn't either. But little gems like this are excellent resources. If you're ever in a situation where you need a quick solution, you'll be able to reflect on past survival tactics and practices you've acquired and you'll be glad you learned them. Cause they might just save your life.

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