38 Survival Uses for a 5 Gallon Bucket

Can you think of 38 Survival Uses for a 5 gallon bucket? Survivalists are huge on being resourceful. It's so important to know how to improvise during a SHTF moment. And most of us have a 5 gallon bucket. In our case, we easily have a combined number of 12 (garage, backyard, car, basement) and that number is subject to grow at any time. They're just so useful to have and are great for storage, too.

A well made 5 gallon bucket is sturdy, keeps moisture out (when the lid is securely fastened), and are impact resistant.So with that in mind, off the top of your head, what do you think you can use them for? We came up with 11 options rather quickly. Being resourceful in SHTF moments isn't a luxury, it's a must have skill. So know your options and learn more.

Original Image Source: Nicolás Boullosa

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One Comment;

  1. Nick Guice said:

    1) toilet
    2) water purifier
    3) don’t use the same bucket