30 SHTF Medical Hacks That Do Wonders (and Really Work!)

duct tape bandage

In a perfect world, your survival kit has all you need to treat all but the most serious medical emergencies.

But a lot of people will be unprepared or their medical stash will be compromised or they will run out of what they need; in any of that is where you are, here are some medical tips you can use.

Putting toothpaste on a sting stops the pain

Aloe Vera gel takes the heat out of burns

Natural yogurt takes the heat out of sunburn

Cinnamon sticks in a jar with water makes antiseptic mouthwash

Duct tape will hold a large wound together until you can deal with it

Sanitary towels make excellent pressure dressings

Parsley stops bad breath and contains masses of vitamin C and vitamin A

Eggshell is the best form of calcium supplement

Olive oil loosens solid earwax

Tampons work well to plug penetrating wounds

Curved upholstery needles are good for suturing wounds

Dental floss is a good substitute for suture material in emergencies

Toothpaste applied to a blister or cold sore will dry them up

A patch of duct tape over a wart will kill it. Change patch daily.

Maggots make excellent cleaners for infected wounds

Anyone with clotting disorders should not be given aspirin

Cut toe nails straight across to prevent in growing and infection

Sniffing onions or vapour rub causes tears which washes debris from eyes

Petroleum jelly seals grazes and stops bacteria entering the wound

Strap a broken finger with tape to an unbroken one next to it

Strap two broken fingers together to immobilise them

Damp dust weekly to prevent mite infestation

Cranberry juice relieves cystitis

If you pop an abscess use a sterile needle at the bottom to aid drainage

Re-warm hypothermia victims with gentle heat and do it slowly

Don’t rub areas you suspect to be frost bitten it causes more damage

Prevent scurvy with adequate vitamin C

Prevent rickets with adequate vitamin D

Prevent anaemia with adequate iron intake. Cast iron cookware helps

Natural sponge can also be a reusable feminine hygiene product

Survival incidents can arise at any moment and no matter how well prepared you are, you could find yourself without your medical kit.

If that is the case, these medical tips can help you address everything from normal living to injuries to wounds to illness.

To learn more medical tips for use in a survival situation, please visit The Daily Sheeple.

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  1. Harper Daniel said:

    I work constriction and deal with cuts on a regular basis. I keep super glue in my truck. I’ve used it for some cuts that certainly warranted stitches. It works like a charm!

  2. Denver Karst said:

    Clothes pin a couple band aids and some electrical tape for a great pinky cask