3 Ways to Effectively Recycle Wooden Pallets


As a prepper, it’s always terrific to buy something cheap, that has outlived its usefulness, then repurpose it into an item or two that is even more valuable! Especially great if you build it with your own two hands! Talk about more bang for your buck!

Deck Out Your Backyard
With just one or two used wooden pallets (depending on the desired size of your deck space), you have the makings of a cool outdoor deck for grilling and get-togethers.
First, you will want to remove any old nails and sand down the pallet surfaces. This will also give you a chance to test each pallet to be sure the wood is still firm and sturdy.
The safest way to turn your wooden pallets into a deck (especially with little feet in the household) is to cover any openings in the pallet flooring areas with extra wooden boards.
Adding another top coat of sealant or varnish will seal up the top layer of the deck (or you can also paint the deck to match your house if you prefer).

Build a Bed Frame
There is no rule stating you have to have a bed frame that is specifically made to hold bed mattresses and box springs. In fact, the average wooden pallet is well-sized to hold a double or larger bed mattress. Cutting the pallet in half can make cute twin beds for the kids.

You will need to thoroughly clean the entire pallet area, remove any old nails, sand down the wood and reattach any loose planks to prepare your pallet to hold your mattress. You can then varnish or stain it or you might prefer to paint it instead.

Build a Garden Trellis
One of the simplest and prettiest uses for a wooden pallet is to repurpose the pallet into a green trellis. The sky is the limit as far as the length, height, color and number of trellises you erect.
The simplest way to create your trellis wall is to simply prop the wooden pallet length-wise against the side of your house and plant climbing vines just beneath it, anchoring them to the trellis as they grow taller.
But you can also cut the pallet into lengths and use hanging hooks to mount them along the sides of your house.
There are so many ways to give used wooden pallets a second life. There are currently more than 223 million pallets sitting in landfills, yet with just a dash of creativity and a sustainable approach to living, each of those pallets could have more to offer!
As you are working to transform your wooden pallet, always keep safety in mind.

There are other ideas, including building a great looking porch swing over on Mother Earth News.

Get inspired! Pick up your hammer and nails! Pallets are not just for loading and unloading in warehouses anymore and the above is a great example of taking something useful and repurposing it into something even more useful!


  1. Johnny Deals said:

    I worked at a pallet factory when I was 17/21 and used them as furniture. Lol table couch and TV stand.