3 Things We Must Never Do During a Home Invasion


Home invasions and robberies happen all the time; in the United States alone, 8,000 home invasions are estimated to happen each day.

That means there are over 2.5 million home invasions each and every year.

Additionally, that statistic will only increase if we ever are faced with a severe, long-term survival scenario.

As the unprepared become desperate, their tendency will to lash out in every direction and take advantage when and where they can.

Their most obvious target will be those who are prepared; this is particularly true if you have survival food, water, and weapons on hand.

Which makes understanding how to respond to a home invasion a critical skill every survivalist must know!

On the next page, we cover some basic points pertaining to responding to a home invasion.

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  1. Graham Wright said:

    Keep an empty safe with a bag of coins in it as a dummy and put your valuables in a sock buried in with your potatoes ( example only ) lol

  2. Doug Las said:

    Here’s a Home Invader being treated like a victim in a liberal rag Mississippi FB Group. He broke into a cop’s family members home. They were able to hide and call the cop and he came over and saved them. This is what appeared in the liberal rag. Notice that they don’t mention anywhere that this was a home invasion and that he took the beating from the occupants acting in self-defense. The group founder keeps calling him a “victim” and deletes any facts folks bring up. If you like liberal rags, sign up and speak your mind.

  3. Nad Oziob said:

    1.shoot until the threat is gone. 2. Have a good bonfire because the cops are useless and will treat you as a criminal for defending yourself. 3 go back to bed.

  4. John Tinker said:

    Racking the slide on a pump shot gun to WARN THE HOME INVADERS is one of the dumbest ideas out there.HEY,I KNOW…LETS GIVE AWAY YOUR POSITION AND ANNOUNCE YOU ARE ARMED!If you can shoot thru a door/doorway,please explain why they cant!

  5. Doug Las said:

    He wouldn’t have been if he had kicked the door in on my home (and I had been there). We’re allowed to use lethal force against attackers/home invaders here in Mississippi.

  6. Brent Morgan said:

    3 things to do, shoot 1st, clean blood with peroxide and wrap the body in plastic, dump the body in a large body of water with a cement brick tied to it.

  7. Brandon Wong said:

    3 things to do: #1 Shoot him in the chest #2 Shoot him in the chest #3 Shoot him in the head.

  8. Peter Reiland said:

    1. Rack round into chamber
    2. Scan for threat. Make positive i.d.
    3. Illuminate threat with tac light.
    4. Aim for c.o.m. and double-tap.
    5. Continue number 4 till threat is neutralized.

  9. Strike said:

    Use a revolver. Don’t want to loose any casings. Avoid the paper work

  10. Kathy Lunsford Quillen said:

    Your advise could get someone killed. You should have a gun on hand and know how to use it. If someone comes in on you and gets the upper hand you will be raped, tortured and quite possibly killed. If you can identify them to the police , they, more than likely won’t leave you alive. Your best hope is to stop them before they gain the upper hand.

  11. John Williams said:

    No head shots- head shots show intent and you can be held liable- com x3 , wait 15 minutes and then call 911

  12. Steve Shock said:

    The first thing you should never do is be unarmed. The second is be untrained. The third is hesitate to shoot in defense.

  13. Anonymous said:

    I generally agree with this 3 list, the best advantage is a force multiplier and proper training, but these are indeed 3 concepts to take into consideration when dealing with a threat, home invasion or otherwise.

    I dont care how big of a gun you own, if you arent mentally prepared to use it effectively then its not gonna help much.

  14. Justin Douglas said:

    Knock knock…. who’s there…: glock glock glock I’m sorry who the$#%&[email protected]*did you think you were breaking into my house mr Glock was probably not the welcome mat you were expecting and home invasion is no joke do it and you may die…. this message brought to you by your national council for Americans who refuse to live in their own homes in fear!

  15. Mike Parke said:

    Hmmm? If they get past the purdy green dot. I’ll be impressed.