3 Things to Never, Ever Do During a Home Invasion



It seems these days you cannot go on-line or watch the television news without hearing about another home invasion. It is a sad fact of life that there are some bad and desperate people out there that mean to do great harm to those who they feel are weaker than them.

We all know pretty much the way to combat that. Being strong and thinking with the brain God gave you is a good start. Protect yourself before the potential home invasion happens. Do not go around telling people you are a prepper and/or survivalist, that you have things like food, water, and weapons stored away.

Remember, those you may think are your buddies now may not be all that friendly in the future. Especially if they have nothing and they know you have what they need! This can go for a future SHTF scenario or the here and now. If they know you have an IPad and want it. Watch out!

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  1. Kathy Lake said:

    1 thing only is needed… never let them get close to anyone in the house, put their rabid$#%&!@*down pronto!! Attacking dogs will kill, put them down!

  2. Greg Korpela said:

    So do you just sit in front of your door with a gun on your lap whenever you are home?

  3. Ronnie Frazier said:

    No i dont just sit at door but bet ur$#%&!@*you only get about 5 feet threw my door an tn law paid for your$#%&!@*Have nice day

  4. Tom Joe said:

    Home invasions take the biggest balls of all. Going into a armed home and not knowing the floor plan or who your matched up with. Rip Gary Kruger

  5. Ronnie Frazier said:

    No Greg. Can reach ever 5 foot an get one have nice day
    You call 911 an wait
    Me send meat wagons

  6. Joe Fox said:

    Bang bang. Your momma’s crying and your in a cheep suit.

  7. Joe Fox said:

    Bang bang, you’re momma’s crying and you’re in a cheap suit.

  8. Michael Herbert said:

    have you run out of survival tips? this all you have posted for about 6 months.