3 Surprising Animals That Could Do More Harm Than Good if Eaten While Bugging Out

pan fish

Recently we changed our regular ninety percent lean and ten percent fat hamburger to bison. For us, attempting to get healthy and lose weight means trying bison instead. However, you have to ponder when an emergency situation takes place whether the mighty bison may be the better choice of the two types of meat to eat.

Granted, if you were able to take down a large bison the entire family can survive off of it for a long time, however, the problem may be that the meat is too lean, which could lead to health problems.

There is definitely a lot of protein, but what a lot of people do not think about is that a person must have a certain amount of fat to stay healthy.

After all, in this day and age, you can receive healthy fats from other excellent sources, but what if those sources are not longer available when SHTF?

On the next slide read about three animals, nutritionally speaking, that may do more harm than good to a person when SHTF!

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  1. Justin Beauvais said:

    Hmmm… I don’t know about this list. I remember a movie based on a true story about a man studying wolves living in the tundra. He noted that they had very little in the way of prey, but had been eating large amounts of rodents to survive. So he performed an experiment and lived off of only eating mice for a time (I can’t remember how long, but it was a good while) and had there been issues from it they would have certainly presented themselves in that timeframe.

    I can see where eating only these things for an extended time might cause a problem, but as long as you can diversify your food supply, a small meal here and there, or better mixing these things in as ingredients for stews or soups with some plants or mushrooms (be careful with the mushrooms), it would be an excellent strategy for getting some good calories.

  2. Mike Miller said:

    They recycle this article every 2-3 months. On the next week or so will be the article about the Mosin being an affordable rifle.

  3. Darsel Tebo said:

    Anytime you base your diet one one item,You Will Definitely Compromise Your Health. No matter what that might be.

  4. John J. Hill said:

    This is good to know if you’re spending more energy to catch it than it’s worth but still if I’m surviving or starving id think about eating the$#%&!@*out of a buzzard

  5. Barry Keith Martin said:

    For someone that grew up eating all three of these I’d have to disagree. Love squirrel and dumplings, fried rabbit biscuits and gravy, and fried bream, crappie, etc. if you scared to eat them , please send my way.

  6. Lyle Keeney said:

    Best tell million of back country to bring microwave food next time

  7. Stephen Colkett said:

    So if I’m starving to death don’t eat a fish because it won’t help much ?????

  8. Hunter McNelly said:

    I mean, it is an affordable rifel though. yeah this sight is a joke just getting clicks for money.

  9. Darsel Tebo said:

    I understand the point they are getting at high protein and no fat over an extended period of time could be harmful. For the squirrel and rabbit cook the head and eat the brains. Fats and amino acids as for the fish bream or perch eat the roe. You can find fat to go in your diet.

  10. Danny Boling said:

    Amen..love squirrel and dumplings better than chicken myself…but I’ve never tried a dish my dad ate..possum and sweet potatoes… Just ain’t that desperate yet..

  11. Barry Keith Martin said:

    I used to catch possums in my rabbit boxes and I’d give them to a neighbor that loved them. He would feed them sweet potatoes for several weeks to clean them out then cook them. He showed me one he had cooked and it was very greasy. I never ate any either.im like you not that desperate yet lol

  12. Travis Reynolds said:

    Smh this article is crap. If your stuck some where for the length of time it would take for this issue to set in you will not be eating only one of these 3 at this point.

  13. Casey Widener said:

    Crazy. So I guess if these three animals are all that’s available then you are better off starving. I agree it’s best to supplement your diet with other foods as well but these three will definitely not do more harm than good if nothing else is available.

  14. Justin Nicodemus said:

    This is complete horse$#%&!@*lol the human body could eat potatoes everyday and live 80 years….

    Look at what America feeds its people and you tell me these animals will kill you?… HA guess all these antibiotic feed cows and pesticide veggies are the real deal then.

  15. Lina Neighbors Landrum said:

    hopefully this is not what makes up your entire diet, get some cat tails and other things on your diet also, your not gunna starve. Rabbit stew with dandilion greens and cattail bulbs is a pretty good food. heck they go with squerrl and fish soups also.

  16. Ronnie Gray said:

    Hell I don’t have to bug out to eat those I eat those anyway have sense I was a child , am 58 now and doing fine ,I hunt squrrel ranit and fish and hunt deer catch snapping turtle catch bull frogs eat their legs ,of any of you city people don’t want to eat them that’s good I wish more people wouldn’t save more for this country boy .

  17. Brian Hinkel said:

    A better tip, never eat the same exact thing over and over. Find variety when possible. These animals are still protein, and are better than nothing! Mix the meat with safe herbs, and other plant life, and you will be fine. 😉

  18. Andres Rivera said:

    The title is misleading and not very good none of these is dangerous to eat if you need calories eat them. This is only as a long term detriment to the body so bugging out means you are in a shtf situation and I don’t see people utilizing it as their sole source of food especially once they can stabilize their situation.