3 Sure-Fire Survival Methods for Catching Fish That You Need to Know!

fresh trout

It's no secret that fishing is one of the easiest, most dependable ways to ensure you have food if you are facing a survival situation.

Even in urban areas, fish thrive, and they can live just about everywhere else on the planet.

Almost every significant body of water holds multiple species of fish, and they are usually easily caught if you know how.

In fact, the only time catching fish is not one of the easiest methods of securing meat is if you are facing a situation where the water they live in is covered in ice.

The question is how to increase your odds to ensure you can harvest as many as possible?

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  1. Graham Wright said:

    A gill net , a poachers line with several hooks spaced out weighted down in deep water and the other end tied to a tree etc and a cast net are other methods to consider .

  2. Sean Mel said:

    I just use hand grenades. I got 8 salmon, 3 birds, a bear, and a chupacabra once from one throw

  3. Juan Cruz said:

    Yeah if someone doesn’t poison our waters first & kills them all