3 States to Avoid When a Collapse is Imminent


All we want is a nice place to live, to take care of our families, and to prepare for a potential chaos situation. This is why we create bug-out bags, keep a full pantry, and form a plan should the family be separated when a disaster hits.

After all, you are not going to go to that bug-out location if little Tommy is still at football practice or over at Billy’s house, right? Anyway, the point is we want to live where we know we will be safe or have a good opportunity to be safe when the time comes.

The trouble is some of us are not altogether certain where “safe” is. Should we be living on the west coast? East coast? Or is middle America the best place? Then we have to wonder about other areas like Alaska or Hawaii. Alaska seems a given, safe from disasters, but is it really?

After the break go over to the following page and read up on some of the places you probably do not want to live in case a collapse becomes imminent. We m might feel comfortable now but you might change your mind when you read what experts have to say!

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  1. Cyril Wisotski said:

    Can’t fuc_ing see it because of the$#%&!@*ads and pop ups. Stop sharing this crap please

  2. Claude Overstreet said:

    You don’t need to put the Pocket Survival Guide banner up to block the article. A lot of us just move on.
    If we wanted it, you could advertise it in a better way. It’s hurting your business.

  3. Shane Blanton said:

    Florida….high cost of living…HAHAHAH. but who cares in an apocalypse.

  4. SK Malone said:

    Just so you know I call BS on the Alaska one. I live here and in the case of something happening we have plenty to survive here. From fish to wildlife, plus we have a lot if livestock/chickens in areas of the state, farms, wood, fresh water….. Many if us live off the land or mostly as is, and many others know how to. We are used to isolation and doing things for ourselves. The fact we are cut off from other places makes these things harder to take from us. So I think we will be just fine here