3 Incredible Buildings That Are Hiding in Plain Site


When you have a beautiful house, maybe something that was a little too expensive for the wallet but a home you have always wanted – with all the bells and whistles – you want to show it off. You work hard for your money and the idea of displaying the fruit of your labor is only natural!

Still, in this day and age of potential collapse, when flying under the radar might be in everyone’s best interests, having a not easy to see in plain sight structure or nice home could be a blessing.

That doesn’t mean it has to be uninspired or a shack. It simply means the construction is so clever it is off the radar of normal folks who drive, fly or walk by it!

After the break go to the next page. Look at three awesome buildings that are literally hiding in plain sight! They are sincerely amazing and will get you to rethink your current bug-out shelter!

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