24 Awesome Survivalist Uses for Coffee Filters

While the most critical use of coffee filters is to make sure we get our morning jolt of caffeine without having to swallow a mouthful of coffee grounds, coffee filters do have many other innovative and unique uses.

Not only will most of these tips for coffee filter uses make life easier, in some cases, these alternative uses for coffee filters actually works better than how we would normally do it.

For example, did you know a great way to de-silk corn on the cob is with a coffee filter? How about using one to clean up stains? What about using one to strain other liquids, like hot bacon grease, frying oil and even urine if you need to isolate a kidney stone!

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  1. Jim Howard Jr said:

    When camping I put a couple dozen in a plastic bag, add dish soap and water and use them for hand wipes.