20 Survival Hacks For a Paperclip

How many uses can there possibly be for a paperclip? Yep – those little silver things that take up space in your office drawer. To be honest, we didn't have a lot of faith in paperclips because they've slowly fallen into second place with the stapler taking the lead. But how can the be beneficial to survivial? We asked ourselves that very thing. But when we watched this video, we were both shocked and elated because you can do awesome things with a paperclip. Not to mention, we have several things in our office and at home that can now be fixed with the assistance of paperclips.

The best part? They're cheap. You could also score some free ones by bringing home some office paperwork to review in your spare time. Just be sure to separate those pages with a few clips – just to keep them secure – and then maybe forget to bring them back in. However you decide to get your hands on them is up to you. Just know these tiny pieces of metal will prove their worth in a survival situation. We are so stoked to start using these hacks.

Lose a button on your jacket or shirt? Covered. Broken zipper? Covered. Hey guys? You can even turn a paperclip into a screwdriver.

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