20 Inexpensive Items That’ll be Priceless After SHTF

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duct tape


1) Duct Tape has all sorts of uses. Buy several rolls because you’ll need more than you might think.
2) Glow Sticks can serve as night lights, trail markers, or signals. They are very cheap, but very useful. (Bonus tip: These are really cheap right after Halloween.)

Naturally enough, we do not want to think about the terror and confusion that will occur once the SHTF but that fear will be eased when we find ourselves well prepared.

And these additional inexpensive items on the following slides can seriously help!

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  1. Jennifer Deshayes said:

    I have stocked up on tobacco seeds, and cotton seeds, actually lots of different seeds, but I am still stocking my supplies

  2. Philip Delillo said:

    Im not exactly a prepper but i do think that something is going to happen in the near future that will be almost an extinction level event

  3. Andrew Tietz said:

    ^^you people continue to blame one person for these things you delusional$#%&!@* they are just a scapegoat for the entities that pull the strings.

    Vote for Hitlery Cunton, you’ll be much worse off, I guarantee it.

  4. Chris Walker said:

    Christine if you support the police and military how can you support someone that doesn’t support those groups? You’re a special kind of stupid.

  5. Jermiah Nicole Walker said:

    Kratom for painkilling. Heck painkillers in general. I know how to make antibiotics so we are good on that. Survival books

  6. Lisa Bean Williams said:

    SALT. I’m dissapointed it was left off the list 🙁 Salt is one of the main needs in preserving meats and will be as desired gold.

  7. Chase Thompson said:

    You’re going to need knowledge and intuition. And you’re cutting it close to show time

  8. Gregory Wilcox said:

    I keep a fair amount of canning lids on hand. I can either use them to preserve food or barter with them.

  9. Catherine said:

    I think that since bleach is so toxic, it would be a good idea to have plenty of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar on hand since they are both disinfecting agents. Another great thing to have on hand is tea tree oil. It kills foot fungus and mold. Apple cider vinegar is good for cooking and keeping stomach acid level. Extra virgin and regular coconut oil are both good as a emollient for the skin and can greatly help abate dandruff, and used for cooking /baking. It’s better, in my humble opinion, to have as many multi-use items as possible to cut down on weight and space issues.

  10. Luke Zegel said:

    Waste of time. Just a plot to get dragged through 10 pages of ads

  11. Mary Lou Gardner-Trine said:

    The list is written by idiots who will be the first to go because the 1st to confront them will be pissed off at there shtf list…

  12. Luke Zegel said:

    But then you won’t see all the ads!

    Shame that’s what social media often is. Not information alone but SOME info with TONS of ads.

  13. JS Fardello said:

    I will be needing beer and limes. Growing the food. Making the ammo. S’all good.

  14. JS Fardello said:

    It is really tedious going through all of your pages of adverts just to get to the obvious point.