2 Medicinal Herbs Every Survivalist Should Know About

Plants which heal are not new but their potency, some of the things they can do, in ,any cases are remarkable!

Viburnum tinus is a small tree or shrub, widely grown in gardens and landscaping. In prehistory, the long, straight shoots of some viburnums were used by natives for arrow-shafts! They are also known to grow in woodlands, and they have an interesting history of homeopathic use.

Current studies prove that the plant is an excellent source of antioxidants and its historic use as a relief for spasms and cramps is also well known. It also may be useful for preventing and treating infections. Some variants of this shrub are also being investigated as a potential treatment colon cancer.

Please go on to page two to learn more about Viburnums, in two specific forms, and the curative things they can do for you!

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