19th Century Cowboys Were Truly Remarkable. Here Are 7 Survival Tips We Can Take Away From Them:

cowboys on horseback

Over the years, as we look back and read about our cowboy ancestors, we don’t think the world really realizes what incredible survivalists they were.

The men and women of the old west did not have any of the advantages of the world today. There were no fast food restaurants, no on-line banking, and while you could go to the local mercantile to pick up supplies there was a little variety.

If you wanted soap, baking powder, and ammo there was generally one type or, in the case of your gun, a few different calibers. If special things were needed they were ordered and it took weeks for them to get to you. In other words, no Amazon next day delivery!

But that was just the half of it. It was a rough time filled with back breaking labor, little industrialization, and even many medications had to be self-made by yourself or the locals. If you had a cold don’t expect to run to the doctor. For one thing, he was probably a three-hour ride via horseback and another – the doc was pretty expensive for a cowboy or land owner.

After the break go on over to the next page and learns about seven survival tips we can take away from the 19th-century cowboy or gal.

One day, when the SHTF, we may have to go back to their way of life!

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