18 Incredible Survival Uses for This Surprisingly Affordable Thermal Imaging Tool


Thermal imaging may seem like it's something you only see in sci-fi movies or by fire and police departments, but recently civilians are beginning to use it for a variety of reasons.

As the use of technology in general expands, so does its accessibility. In particular, several companies currently are introducing thermal imaging cameras specifically designed for civilians.

A recent item now available in the marketplace is the FLIR Scout TK, which was specifically made with consumers in mind.

It has a lot of unique features (especially for survivalists) that are making a lot of people want one. However, before purchasing any new survival tool it's important to do your own research.

You may be curious how many survival uses this tool has. Once you discover just how many I'm sure you'll be just as impressed as I was. This versatile tool can assist just about anyone!

After the break learn more about the FLIR Scout TK and its endless amount of survival uses!

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  1. Anonymous said:

    The hacks on the older firmware has been extensively documented on various sites. I think they made some engineering changes beyond just the firmware this time. Your best bet would be to find an older unit that hadn’t been updated.

  2. Anonymous said:

    I can think of a hundred reasons. I guess it depends on the circumstances. I can charge batteries directly off of my small USB rocket stove, as well as a collapsible solar rig that is enough to charge GPS, HAM radio, etc.

  3. John Taylor said:

    Eric Beatty And of course since you will be the only one out there pillaging you will have them all. You people that want to wait and try for all your stuff free or taking it with weapons are free entertainment because the majority of you will be the 1st to die.

  4. Eric Beatty said:

    Nah, I will already have 100 years worth of fire starters (those storm proof lighters I purchased). Cached away where pillagers won’t find them. The first to die will be the unprepared, the second will be those who think they can take by force, the third will be those with no training or experience, or faux training leading them to believe that can defend themselves trying to stop the ones taking by force. The only ones to survive will be those with enough sense to spend their money on practical survival equipment. Not $600 flir monoculars that nothing to look at in the dark and will not work after the batteries die.

  5. Michael Johnson said:

    I guess “amazingly affordable” means different things to different people.