18 Incredible Survival Uses for a Surprisingly Affordable Thermal Imaging Tool


When the idea of a thermal imaging tool came to our attention, with regards to using it as a survival tool, we were a little skeptical. It seemed like just another gadget to add to the bug-out bag when we already had it packed full of important provisions.

Yet, the more we read up on it, specifically the FLIR Scout TK, the more we came to realize that this tool could save some lives.

We do not say this because we are gullible but as people who have read up on the topic and were surprised by the thermal imaging tool's possibilities!

As survivors and preppers, we should never be afraid of technology. True, we may be losing it if a SHTF scenario strikes but, up until then and a little after, the accessibility of items like the FLIR Scout TK can truly come in handy.

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