16 Survivalist Uses for Baking Soda You Never Knew About

Not only is baking soda inexpensive, but we've found 11 awesome ways survivalists can be resourceful with this simple white powder! Rather than spend money of a variety of different cleaners for a variety of different purposes, why not just save some time and money and use one product that can do it all? We didn't think baking soda had that my purposes, perhaps that was ignorance on our part.

But today, when we discovered how baking soda has muli-purposes, it made us realize just how much money we spend on other items that we don't need. A survivalists nature is to be prepared for emergencies and to be resourceful. After reviewing these purposes for baking soda, we realized just now resourceful this stuff really is, and it's incredible!

On page 2 we'll show you 16 EPIC ways you can use baking soda – you'll be shocked you didn't know about these before now!


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