15 Mind-Blowing Uses for WD-40 That’ll be Useful for SHTF

WD 40 uses

What memories we have of WD-40!

Our father had it in his workshop toolbox, ready to use on the car or some open-air project, and Mom had a small container in the lower portion of the sink, right next to the dish soap and plunger! We vividly recall her spraying it into the grooves where the sliding glass windows moved back and forth, to make their gliding so much easier!

These days we have a small bottle out in the garage, handy whenever the door locks start to seize up due to wet weather or when that heavy padlock on the outside gate will no longer click together.

Shall we exclaim? It is a miracle oil!

But WD-40 is good for more than what we have mentioned here!

If you go over to the next page, you can read up on some excellent tips and ideas and even a few for preppers.

Let WD-40 be your go-to tool for whatever ails your happy household, inside and out!

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  1. Charles Duncan said:

    Neato! I personaly use break free clp on lotsa stuff like slideing windows and locks but its nice to know, dont want to use “water desplacer 40” on firearms long term but it will get you by “in a pinch”