12 Random, Yet Useful Hacks That’ll Make Living Through SHTF a Lot Easier!

getting gas

When SHTF, not only will preppers be utilizing the skills they have learned through the years, but they'll also recall random, yet clever hacks that they laughed at on YouTube. These are the hacks that may have seemed ridiculous, but all of a sudden they're coming in handy!

For those of us who will utilize whatever skills we have during a SHTF moment, you'll realize there are actually quite a few. In fact — the survival hack may be as simple as remembering how to save some money at the gas pump.

Today preppers can add to their DIY survival knowledge by continuing to learn additional useful hacks that'll be good to recall when the grid goes down. In some situations, all it may require is adding a few items to a survival pack or remembering a tip when an emergency situation is taking place.

From saving money at the gas pump to food hacks, preppers can learn plenty of life hacks that'll be useful during the collapse. Plus, as a bonus learning how to stockpile correctly and preserve herbs is another survival hack that is worthwhile to learn.

On the next page, test your knowledge on some hacks that'll come in handy when SHTF. Though simple, these clever life hacks could get survivalists out of quite a few binds when all hell is breaking lose!

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  1. Larry Shaver said:

    They aren’t pumping at that time. That’s a gas pump, the discharge nozzle is not large enough to be diesel.
    Just because it’s green doesn’t mean diesel. Ever gone to BP?

  2. Chris Wilson said:

    Larry Shaver I agree with the possibility of it being a BP station but it’s also possible it’s a auto diesel nozzle for cars and trucks

  3. Chris Wilson said:

    Calling bs on the gas pump 15 years ago you might would have gotten a cup out but with the pressurized nozzles we put on today at most about a quarters worth. As far as the next guy getting that much free another big nope. Ever gone to a station an it jumps up 10 15 cents before you pump well guess what the person ahead of you stole your gas before you even got there

  4. Ben Barbossa said:

    If shtf as every prepper prepares for. How are you going to pump fuel with no electricity?

  5. Charlie Wertz said:

    First, I’d like to say that the term “hack” implies that one is cheating or being nefarious. It is a stupid computer age term that has been miss used for quite some time now. Second, not one of these tips is practical in a SHTF situation. These are tips for every day type situations. The gas pump tip gives you nothing. You will not get any extra gas and if you would it would be negligible. The six pack tip is good if you are using cans and they happen to be on plastic keepers. Most places have stopped it’s use because of animals getting stuck in them. The rest are just as marginal. Except maybe the duct tape tip.

  6. Mitch McDonald said:

    I would rather you repeated the same good advice over and over than waste my time with BS clickbait.

  7. James Oakley said:

    I call bullshit on your gas pump hack. The swivel fitting still turns the fuel 180 degrees no matter what you do so therefore you gain nothing by straightening the pivot point. These pumps are certified annually to meet the weights and measures requirements. So once again BULLSHIT!