10 Survivalists Share Their 3 Best Survival Tips When You’re Doing Everything in Your Power to Survive in the Wilderness

man making a fire

You’re alone in the wild. You’ve veered off your trail, and you’ve been wandering for hours trying to get back. Somehow, you’ve managed to lose your sense of direction as you tried to retrace your steps. And now the sun is beginning to set, and with the oncoming darkness, panic is spreading through your body. What now? Will anyone come looking for you? The truth is you will not be looked for — assuming someone knows you're gone — for several hours.

Do you have what it takes to survive on your own? Sometimes surviving isn't just black and white, it takes improvising and using the skills you've hopefully been learning through the years.

Let’s see what the experts have to say about it. Check out the next page to find out what 10 survivalists say the three most essential skills are to know when you’re out in the wilderness.

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  1. Dave Hummel said:

    I’ll one up that. Every adult should know. That and how to tie a square knot, proper use of a knife, and how to boil water.
    For us here that’s all basic but believe me I know people who can’t.