10 Potential Threats to Overcome When Doomsday Arrives. Preparation for #10 is Vital!

abandoned store

When a collapse takes place, it would be nice to stay in a warm home where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Knowing your home and the area well makes it easier for you to handle whatever takes place during an emergency situation.

However, some SHTF situations such as natural disasters, violence, and long-lasting power outages may force you to bug out and seek shelter elsewhere.

If you bug out, this likely means either going by foot or getting in your vehicle and driving to your bug out cabin or shelter. However, there are still threats you may have to encounter when bugging out that could be just as dangerous as staying at your home.

That's why it's vital to prepare for a disruptive event by being aware of what supplies, tools, and skills you have and will need. Knowing what may happen ahead of time will allow you to keep both you and your family safe.

To discover what potential threats you may encounter when bugging out, check out the next page. #10 is especially vital to prepare for!

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