10 Medical Supplies Most People Tend to Overlook


When it comes to preparing for emergencies and disasters, it's crucial to consider potential medical issues that may arise. Nobody wants to think of life-threatening or critical situations, but it is something that everyone should prepare for.

You may already have a small arsenal of medical and health supplies on hand. Many survivalists stockpile on essentials such as over-the-counter medicines, bandages, gauze, and other first aid items, but there may be a handful of other important items (and skills) you may have forgotten about.

Make a list of all the medical supplies and health-related items you already have. Take a look at our list (on the next page) to decide what you need to add. You may not need everything on the list, but most people will consider these items key for outdoor survival.

Don't risk your life or the life of someone you love. Check out the next page for the entire list of 10-must have medical items you shouldn't overlook.

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  1. Charlie Goldbin said:

    1. Needles and scalpels
    Along with these, you’ll need the knowledge to use them properly. Training is necessary to use these items, and DO NOT USE this stuff if you don’t know how to do so, ever! However, if a medical professional is able to provide assistance, they will be invaluable.
    2. Antibiotics
    These will be a must-have in any post-collapse scenario! Check out this article for more details about how to stock up on antibiotics and which to buy.
    3. Reference Materials
    Merck Manual, JP Sanford (antibiotic guide), Tarascon’s Pharmacopea (Rx index), CPR & Cardiac Care guides, etc.
    4. Medical skills and ability
    Acquire and practice knowledge, concentration, control, stamina, will, training, and expertise. By all means, take a First Aid and CPR class, but don’t stop there. Wilderness Survival classes are offered at REI stores and some community colleges offer classes for EMT students. Red Cross offers a lot more than just basic First Aid and CPR.
    5. Fluids
    Pedialyte is best, not Gatorade! You can also mix up your own with this recipe.
    6. A secure treatment area
    Being able to attend to urgent medical needs in a secure area is something you may not have thought of. In addition to the presence of hysterical family members and friends whose loved ones’ lives are in jeopardy, there could be additional threats from outsiders. Take some time to plan where your makeshift treatment/triage area should be located.
    7. Emotional Stress Treatment
    Have on hand extra meds you and family members are already taking. If you run out of special meds that treat acute episodes, it will definitely be a time to panic!
    8. Organic (not synthetic) Natural Multi-B Vitamins
    9. Comfort items
    These may not have to do with “medical care” at all. Think of things like candy, DVD’s, animals in our care that we love, protective and security items
    10. Penrose Drain Tubes
    These can be used as tourniquets or drains, etc