10 Bug Out Vehicles That’ll Help You Escape When the Grid Goes Down

Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle featured

You may believe that you're ready to deal with whatever comes your way when SHTF, but the reality is there is a lot more to it than simply stockpiling food, water, supplies, and coming up with an incredible bug out bag.

It's essential that you have a plan in place so you can get yourself from point A to point B when the grid goes down.

Even if you don't already have a bug out location, it still important to have a rugged vehicle you can depend on. After all, when all of the grocery stores have been wiped out, and the police have abandoned their posts, it'll be up to you to stop criminals from discovering where you're bugging out.

A bug out vehicle that you need should be designed for fuel efficiency and staying safe, not necessarily reliability.

What does that translate to? Well, that means that unfortunately today's vehicles just won't cut it when it comes to having the right SHTF transportation.

After the break, find out which bug out vehicles will stand the test of time when the grid goes down and it's time to hit the road.  

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  1. Graeme Jörðormr said:

    Mercedes983 4 speed manual 300 turbo diesel that runs on used vegetable oil.

    It’s also for sale for 3k $

  2. James Eye said:

    Jeep, Ford Van and my Wheel Chair. Current my hoyer lift broke and no longer manufactured, so Jeep is out, and my van lift is broke awaiting repair, so it is all about the wheel chair. Guess I should buy a generator or solar panel to charge on the go.

  3. Scott Kyler said:

    Anything before 1979 so you don’t have to worry about the electronic start system incase of major power surge

  4. Cody Smith said:

    I know an old man that has an ex military diesel K5 identical to that one!

  5. Jack Webb said:

    Government will have the roads shut down, better off on foot.

  6. Ron Hill said:

    Got one mild cam 4 barrel carb dual exhaust rolling on 33,s

  7. Desertrat Prepper said:

    Do not paint your vehicles like this. It needs to look like any other on the road. The mechanics of it MUST be in top shape

  8. Ron Campos said:

    The roads will be gridlocked wont be able to drive anywhere
    Even if you say drive over grass ect people will do that to and same thing…motorcycles or dirtbikes are the key

  9. Jonathan Haddix said:

    don’t rule out the ford crown Victoria police interceptor . You can not kill those things very easily . They are extremely reliable .