10 Bug Out Vehicles That Will Never Let You Down When SHTF

Toyota Hilux

You may think you're fully prepared to bug out, but it's a lot more than just stockpiling water, food, putting together a killer bug out bag, and having all of the recommended supplies. In addition to having everything you need when SHTF, it's also imperative to develop a plan to get you and your family to a bug out location when the grid goes down.

Even if you don't have a bug out location or cabin, it's still important to own a rugged vehicle for SHTF that'll get you where you need to go when all hell breaks loose. Let's be honest: When all of the stores get cleaned out by looters and the police have abandoned their posts, it's essential to stop criminals from uncovering where and what you're doing.

A rugged SHTF vehicle can keep you alive and then some. It should be designed for fuel efficiency and keeping you alive — it's not just about having a car that's reliable.

Today's vehicles are not up to SHTF standards and won't cut it when it comes to needing a rugged rig you can rely on.

On the next page, learn about ten bug out vehicles. Having the proper wheels will help you keep your wits about you when the grid goes down. It's imperative to have a bug out vehicle that won't let you down and stand the test of time when you need it the most. 

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  1. Chris Faller said:

    When I saw the CUCV listed, I knew you hadn’t done any real research.

  2. Robert Dudley said:

    Totally agree on the Toyota Hi Lux ! Probably the most indestructible vehicle ever manufactured.

  3. Jeff Letsak said:

    I hope they run on air …. because the electricity will be gone … no fuel pumps …

  4. Axel Knobbe said:

    First: if the world is gonna end, there is no reason for bugging out anymore.

    Second: in the more plausible way of thinking – in a longterm SHTF – roads will be blocked with verhicles. Obviously gasoline-infrastructure will seize to exist, the next downside. Of course (or better hopefully) there is still fuel left in gastanks all over the place, downside to that – fuel has a best-before date also.

    Spare parts… Noise produced… All downsides to a motorised verhicle.

    Either use horses oder (mountain)bikes – that would be the more logical AND reliable way of sustainable transport when all has gone down the drain.

  5. David Sotelo said:

    I wouldn’t trade my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4×4 with a 5.7 360 hp for any of the above. Its a pavement screamer, can go off road and besides carrying capacity and towing 7,300 pounds you can easily sleep two in it.

  6. Erin Long said:

    Infrastructure down equals no gas equals you’re not using of vehicle. But if you have gas get a Toyota pick up.

  7. Steven LaRose said:

    A self Launch Solar/Electric powered GLIDER.. holds 4 people and from 18,000 ft it will take 180 miles at 45 mph before it has to land (with no help) thats what I pick

  8. Jason Biscarro said:

    My old 87 K5 didn’t stop for jack. In the event I needed to get deep into the woods, that would’ve been my choice. Then rip the bastard apart for a shelter