(Video) This Earthbag Home Time Lapse is Incredible. Now I Want to Build and Live in One ASAP!

earthbag home

Have you ever heard of an Earthbag home? It might seem like it’s a pretty complex style of shelter but it’s really not. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

It’s a small home constructed out of bags packed with sand and dirt. This neat video shows you just how one couple built their own earthbag home.

You’ll see how in just a few months, this home was built. If you’re thinking about living a more off-grid life, this home will make it a lot easier.

As you see the progress they make in building this shelter, you’ll want to build your own home too!

Watch and check out how an earth bag house was built from the ground up on the next page.

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  1. Thomas Whitten said:

    I like the idea but I have to wonder about the insulative ability of sand and dirt. Seems like it could get pretty cold.

  2. Herman Jhh Habig said:

    You cannot hammer in a nail to hang something on the wall. Plastic over time becomes brittle and the bags will deteriorate. Not a viable long term option to build a house.

  3. Cassidy Lane Fail said:

    If I understand correctly, the bags are mixed with some kind of adhesive so that over time they turn to stone. That way if the bag breaks its no big deal. Also, most people generally cover the outside in concrete or plaster as well.

  4. Jim Riffel said:

    Sorry that I find so much humor in this, because the idea is really rather clever, but earth is also called dirt, ergo, I could invite people to my “dirtbag” house. 🙂

  5. Matthew Goss said:

    I saw my neighbor try to build a house out of sandbags and the walls collapsed…more than once. This isn’t so easy as it looks.

  6. Danny Brown said:

    Lamo. They could have made a wood floor a better roof and windows.

  7. Jerry Quisenberry said:

    By the time you buy the bags and fill, then the time you spend filling and sealing you could have bought cinder blocks, filled the holes with sand or dirt and saved money and time. Bags will breakdown due to exposure of uv rays, cinder blocks wont.

  8. Bryan Smith said:

    The strength and durability of this house has been thoroughly tested by the TLP’s
    The three little pigs !!!

  9. Bryan Smith said:

    Better than the home they’re building for Obama it’s a dirt bag home !!!