(Video) He Comes up With an Very Warm Shelter in the Heart of Winter. How it Keeps Him Safe From the Elements? So Clever!


We’ve seen shelters on these pages before and, one way or another, there is something special about each. However, the ones that really interest us are the shelters which take an old design and make it new again.

A good example is the “sweat lodge” style of shelter built on page two. As you can tell by the description, this is an extremely warm survival shelter.

Built in the snowy wilderness, it will keep anyone who cares to put it together warm and dry in the worst winter conditions. All it takes it a couple of hot rocks, a small pit, and the shelter!

To see it for yourself, as well as go on a snowy nature hike, check out the video after the break!

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  1. Chris N Mathis said:

    This is too much gear.. you need to learn the Mors Kochanski “super shelter”….

  2. Harold Mcdermott said:

    That little shelter I would go with small trees 20 feet long build kind of like a log cabin but no need to notch the trees out build another around the outside of it one foot bigger around and full the space in between the to with peat moss for insulation so you may want to build it near a muskeg to get the peat moss, And for food rabbits love it in the muskeg

  3. David Dathe said:

    Start at the 6 minute mark. No need to spend the first 6 minutes watching him hike through snow and talk about wolves.

  4. Estus Vincent De Guzman said:

    heavy duty canvas tarps. the same material used in military tents. bought mine from military surplus. Great for covering out door wood projects to protect from elements.

  5. Jeff Wilkalis said:

    Please I use parachute hammock with an inner and outer shell then make a enclosed tarp design around it. Slept fine in 5 degrees. Best part my whole sleeping system is probably 20 pounds lighter

  6. Tyler Barnes said:

    I’d build a little fence around to keep the animals out they will eventually tear it apart. Great idea a bit far off grid. I never need to go far for animals here in WA state