Top Items That’ll Disappear Instantly During a Major National Emergency

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It is that time of year again when the weather turns cold, tempers short, and – well – things could be better. Many will find themselves without power due to severe snow, ice, or thunderstorms.

Not surprising, supplies will be running out at local grocery and sporting goods stores! There is nothing like bad weather to make people think they better stock up on provisions!

People on the west coast will not find their lives too strained, but we in the east know what it is like to be frozen out of their car when the temperature drops below freezing!

Then, there is the fear of a major national emergency! Better to stock up early for emergencies before the crowds take advantage.

Now, you may be making a list. And this is great. It pays not to walk into a store without thinking what is most important.

To make it a little easier for you, we have made a list of items; the ones you may want to consider because they are, other than food, the first things to make their way off shelves!

To learn about which items are vital to stock up on before a collapse or national emergency, visit the next page.

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  1. Jane Lightfoot said:

    -Water Filters
    -Water Containers
    -Sleeping Bags
    -Bottled Water
    -First Aid Kits
    -Can Openers
    -Anything Related To Self-Defense
    -Portable Radios

  2. Daniel Bolton said:

    Basically all the stuff everyone should already have but takes for granted until there’s a problem