Low Profile Weaponry: 3 Types of Weapons Everyone Should Add to Their Existing Arsenal


You may be checking out this title and thinking it’s going to be about how to discreetly carry switchblades, brass knuckles, and a pocket pistol.

While all are great weapons to carry for defense (though their legality depending where you’re at is often questionable), the topic we’re about to discuss will focus on a different type of “low profile” weapon altogether.

In a world of mass hysteria of the wide-reaching so-called dangers of the “assault rifle,” which is considered by many as the public enemy number one, today a low profile weapon is a firearm that slips by most people.

In order to slip beneath the radar and be a “gray man,” you’ll need a weapon that won’t necessarily draw a lot of attention.

To find out what you can do to keep yourself armed on the down-low, check out the following slides after the break. 

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  1. Richard Hottenstine said:

    Good choice would be the Ruger Mini 14 or 30 with the plain wood furniture. You could blend in pretty well and hi cap mags for them are pretty common.

  2. Jordan Reich said:

    M1A mag fed semi auto MUCH further range and puts the AR to shame in firepower! Most people also wouldn’t think twice about seeing one; so fits the fall under the radar criteria…

  3. Scout Driskell said:

    You are referring to the AR 15 correct?
    The M1A shoots same round as an AR 10.

  4. Kyle Root said:

    If you have more than 3 guns you really need to reevaluate your plan. How are you going to take them if need be? How are you going to carry the ammo? How are you going to cart your other gear?

  5. Jordan Reich said:

    Also known as M14 (m1a is civilian version; not automatic) it shoots 308 from a 20 round magazine… AR15 shoot 223/556 HUGE difference! AR15 is pretty much a 22 on steroids it shoots a 62 gr bullet; 308 shoots 125 – 175 gr bullet or 2 – 2 1/2 times the size of an AR! Long story short NO I am not talking about the AR 15… Yes the AR 10 is capable of shooting 308 most versions I have seen shoot 7.62×51…

  6. Bryson Wilson said:

    Exactly the reason i got one. All the stuff an ar can do, without the stigma

  7. Kyle Root said:

    I have 2 thinking about a third, anymore than that is beyond unnecessary. I have a buddy that has 6.

  8. Matthew Petersen-Reder said:

    All my handguns are pretty much 9mm. Then I have an AR and mini14 in .223. Then the assorted flavor 12g’s.

  9. Jon Paterson said:

    I have a few great guns ,but my 22 mag is the best one .shot no body can pin point where the shot came from .drops deer every shot . but if time comes all my guns and ammo will be with me

  10. Travis Winter said:

    I have quite a few and I wouldn’t get rid of any of them. In my opinion you can never have to many guns or ammo. Also you never know if you might need to outfit some buddies to help hold down the fort

  11. Fred Eckler said:

    Can’t beat a 30 30 win …. excellent rifle. An ammo is fairly cheap …

  12. Kyle Root said:

    Nothing against it as long as you plan it right. I like guns and will be collecting when I have the money.

  13. Mark Greer said:

    There is a point to that, however, neither would be pleasant. I have a 270 and 30.06. Lot could be said. Hell, I don’t want to get shot with a 40 gr .22.

  14. Robert Word said:

    This is stupid.In 1980 we had to cover 2 inch letters on army Equipment so the SATs couldent read it! They can tell now from SATs if you have a lighter in your pocket,???????????

  15. Bryant Smith said:

    Having seen first hand what happens to a human body from hits from both rounds…

    I would rather be hit by the 7.62×39 every day of the week and twice on Sunday than an m855.

  16. Jack D Reece said:

    Jordan Reich Wow – EVERY version of an AR-10 I’ve ever seen shoots .308 (or 7.62×51, the “militarized” .308) – you’ve seen 10s that shoot other rounds? I know there’s a whole truckload of different calibers for the -15, I have several flavors myself. Do agree with your M1A assessment though, as long as I don’t have to hump that heavy bastard too far (yes, I’ve got “more than one” of those, too).

  17. Jordan Reich said:

    I never said the AR 10 shot other calibers… We are talking 3 different weapon platforms. AR 10, AR 15 and M1A. Most AR 10s I’ve seen shoot 7.62×51 (just my personal experience) to quote “Yes the AR 10 is capable of shooting 308 most versions I have seen shoot 7.62×51” where in that sentence did I say it shoots other calibers? Also of distinction M14 is military version (aka rockin and rollin) M1A is civilian version (AKA semi auto) yes this is semantics however pro 2nd people are loosing to anti gunners over semantics and misinformation I make every attempt to be as technically correct as possible when talking guns…

  18. Richard Hoon said:

    Governor and a rossi ranch hand for my backwoods carry. Gov rocks 45 colt. Acp. And 410. Rossi ranch hand reaches a little more and shoots 45 colt. If anything else I would like a 223 or 308 break action. Less parts. Less to fail.

  19. Richard Johnson said:

    Instead of relying on Hi cap magazines why not train as if every shot was your last

  20. Jimmy Chase said:

    My grandfather is giving me his Henry Goldenboy for Christmas, can’t wait to have a repeater.

  21. Blake Irwin said:

    Got my s&w 40. Shield on my hip, glock 23 with 9mm conversion barrel in the shoulder holster and Ak-47 slung on my back.

  22. Robert Dudley said:

    For the beginner in guns and prepping, I always recommend the Marlin 30/30. You can have the rifle and a few hundred rounds , for what a cheap AR goes for.

  23. Ron Hosea said:

    David Webb I have. Remington made one for years, might still make one. I think it’s called a model 8400. BUT, the rifle pictured is not a pump, that’s a lever gun.

  24. Abe Agota said:

    H&R Handis are the way my freinds. No uber cool, but super dependable and accurate.