5 Life-Threatening Hiking Mistakes a Lot of People Make


hiking pack and supplies

1. Failing to prepare for the journey

This is a general rule for every preparation you make. As far as hiking mistakes go, failing to prepare for the hike is preparing to fail. It may look sunny and the weather may seem warm, but that can change in a matter of minutes or hours. Do you have the proper clothing if the temperature drops by 20 degrees or more? Accidents happen all the time in the wild and twisting an ankle is the most common injury. If that happens, do you have enough supplies with you until help comes? Do you have everything you need to signal for help?

Hiking should be a fun and safe activity for you to enjoy. If you're not preparing for your trip ahead of time it's likely you may run into some trouble. Not only that, but it's dangerous, especially if you're going to try and attempt a more difficult trail.

On the next slide learn about another life-threatening mistake to avoid that'll remind you to stay safe during your next adventure.

This tip, in particular, is something everyone must never forget. I know I've done in the past this but wish I hadn't because it wasn't very smart!

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  1. Paul Luttrull said:

    Life threatening things when I hike here in California : marijuana growers, meth labs, coyotes (human traffic), mountain lions, wild boar, bear, rattlesnakes

  2. Jay McArthur said:

    6. Always let someone know where you are going and when you are supposed to return.

  3. Mike Locker said:

    Spoiler Alert,,,, low to no information for clicking through pages,,,,,I stopped after drinking water

  4. Erick Rosson said:

    1. Not bringing enough water
    2. Not telling anyone where you’re going
    3. Not dressing for the weather

  5. Shane Michael said:

    not telling anyone where you are going and only bringing a snickers bar and a bottle of water haha

  6. Michael Davis said:

    Hahaha I thought we all was survivalists Im just fine breaking every thing they said shows about the dangers that you really need to watch for …. Predators. …poisonous plants and venomous animals are way more deadly on a hike than any commonsense problems you should be able to get through with basic knowledge

  7. Tobias E. Manor said:

    No thanks, click bait website with useless info. I’ll continue hiking unprepared and dehydrated.

  8. Michael Perkins said:

    And libtard… that’s a buzzword as well.

    Me. I think both sides of the political spectrum divide and conquer while they get rich and fat and share taxpayer wealth with the people that invest in their campaigns.

  9. Michael Perkins said:

    Rule number 11… if you have to go through 10 items on a click bait page to find out the mistakes of hiking… you probably don’t belong in the woods. Ever.

  10. Joe Kunkel said:

    Well I guess adventures have to start somewhere with knowledge. I’d say if your starting here as an adult your way behind the curve though

  11. Todd Hartmann said:

    6. Don’t try to pet kitty cats in the wild.
    7. Don’t try to give a bear a bear hug.

  12. Michael Perkins said:

    Remember.. all mushrooms in the woods are safe. It’s like a mushroom buffet. Enjoy!

  13. Casey Shamblin said:

    But what if he walks up to me, stands up, and sticks his arms out? It would be rude not to let him hug me, right? Especially when they make those loud roars.

  14. Griffin's Ark said:

    Really? If I want to go hiking I need a smart phone? Apparently you don’t hike where I hike. Used to be bring a topo and a compass. I guess I’m to old to go into the woods these days.

  15. Griffin's Ark said:

    The page title is Die Hard Survivor, not neophyte in the woods! You might want to rethink your blog posts or risk giving up followers.

  16. Russell Larson said:

    I’ve read a couple of tgese and the one thing they never include is … Bring a reliable pistol…
    I just dont get it…
    From a racoon to Drug Cartels …. you never know what you are going to run into…

  17. Russell Larson said:

    7. Be mindful… stay Dry….
    Nothing is more Dangerous than Wet clothes
    And Cold Weather
    Extra Socks.. always.. extra socks

  18. Russell Larson said:

    I love my Canik V2
    Its made by a Turkish Security Contractor
    ISO 9000 spec….
    399.99 at Cabelas
    2 mags
    Speed loader
    Paddle holser with 2 set-ups…
    Its a Great gun

  19. Jose Tomas said:

    Hmmmmm…been meaning to get another pistol…might have to go to the range and test one out. Thanks.