Why People Will Gladly Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs

chip in a human

Okay, so many people don't actually want to be microchipped like a dog. However, they will have parties to get it done, will line up for it, and will get very upset if they can't get it done. Not everyone will feel this way but as it becomes mainstream certain people won't be happy until everyone has a computer chip implanted in their brains. Yes, their brain.

Let's not venture into the religious aspect of a human being microchipped but instead discuss the secular ramifications. Check out how this could easily take place in our future:

At first, it will be the sheep who blindly decide it's okay to be chipped. Then it will become very inconvenient not to be chipped — since everyone else is doing it, why shouldn't I? Soon after it'll be impossible to avoid, like if you don't have a bank account it'll be hard to function without one. After that the few remaining people could be forced to be chipped by law.

Think we're making this stuff up? Unfortunately, we're not.

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