When the Crunch Arrives, This Overlooked Item Will be in High Demand

scrap metal

When an EMP, world disaster or natural disaster happens there are items that right off the bat will be in high demand. Many people will want access to remote areas, natural resources, and special tools, especially if they didn't take the time to store up on these items to begin with.

On the other side of the coin, there are many items that'll decrease in value. People will try to trade these items, hoping they can get something that's in higher demand.

Even if you have supplies post-collapse that you think there's no use for them, don't get rid of them. The same goes today. It may be temping to discard a lot of items that you have not use for, but you should reconsider that. There's always something you can do with an item down the road, so hang on to it.

That's certainly the case with one item in particular. To many it's junk – but that's from from the truth!

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