(Video) She Cuts Paper Towels In Half and Soaks Them In Vinegar. What She Creates is Brilliant!

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With all of the life hacks out there, sometimes there one a person comes across that makes them wonder why they didn't think of it sooner. We have to admit that some of the life hacks are quite silly, but many of them actually work!

Instead of buying into the infomercials who try to coerce us to buy the latest gadget that will clean the entire house (yeah, right) sometimes all the supplies we need is at home right under our nose.

If you have a family and have a busy life prepping and trying to get ready for the next disaster, then you know how important saving money is. Luckily this hack utilizes supplies you should already have in your home, making life easier.

When you're cleaning your house you know how important Lysol Wipes can be. They are super handy to clean up quick messes left by the kids or wiping off the table after a hearty meal. They're so useful it's easy to run out of them, but luckily we have a solution for you!

Thanks to this hack hopefully you'll save a lot of money on cleaning wipes going forward. The trick on the video will show you how to make your own DIY Lysol wipes in only a few steps. So instead of paying $5 or more for a few weak wipes you can make them on your own and have an endless supply for when SHTF.

The best part of this DIY project is that you likely own the supplies you need in your home. Ready to learn how to make these wipes?! Head to the next page and watch a clever video that'll show you how.

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    le dédoubler aussi dans l’épaisseur , mais faut forcer moins lors de l’utilisation 😉 , sinon on a les ongles salis héhéhé