(Video) Man Gets His Hands On an Old Dishwasher Motor and the Results Are Incredible!

dishwasher motor generator

It's fun seeing what the motivated thinkers of the world do with a variety of supplies. They set out to solve a problem, think about it and come up with a great idea that will not only satisfy them but many others as well.

When it comes to the end of the world otherwise known as “the crunch,” or a natural disaster, it's likely our power will go out. We won't know how long the power will be out but without a backup generator you better believe you're going to be eating a dinner by candle light! That may be nice for a while but soon it'll get old.

Luckily there are forward-thinking survivalists out there (like one man on today's video) who have already thought past that. They have a backup generator as well as stored gasoline that can keep them going for however long they need.

One forward-thinking man on the video after the break took being prepared a step further and created something unbelievable from an old dishwasher motor. I still can't believe what makes it function – he's so clever!

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