(Video) How to Store an Easy Two-Week Food Supply for Survival

food supply

One of the great debates regarding survival preparation is how much should you stock up on as it relates to food?

Some folks want months worth of food storage, just in case their worst nightmares come true.

Others say you can get by with far less as the average survival scenario is not going to be doomsday, but more likely will be the aftermath of a major storm where normalcy evades for a few days up to two weeks.

FEMA recommends at least a few days worth of supplies be stored and its optimal recommendation is up to two weeks.

What is the correct amount? That depends on what you think might happen, but two weeks of food storage seems to be a common recommendation.

To learn how to do that and why you should choose certain items, check out the video on the next page.

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  1. Robert Parks said:

    2 weeks? That’s what it takes to put up the internment camps to hold you in. 2 years(or more) should get you started to being self sufficient in growing your own crops.

  2. TimandSue Hill said:

    Over a fire outside or your BBQ grills side burner, coleman camp stove, single burner backpacking stove…build tiny fire in a metal coffee can…

  3. Brenda K Lowe said:

    I have a big cast iron pot. Also a percolator for coffee that dosen’t need electricity. Make a fire pit. Also survialist book. Lots of non perishables. Every one needs to learn to cook outside. 20 lbs of dried beans 10 lbs rice oil and spices for cooking. A few chickens would help

  4. Paul Moore said:

    It’s a good video to help someone who doesn’t know where to start