The Reality as to Why a Second American Civil War May be Inevitable

gas mask in war zone

If we think that the idea of another civil war was something of the past or something our ancestors believed was the only way to bring about peace, we might be in for a rude awakening.

This has nothing to do with slavery but different people's perceptions — which could bring about the probability of violence and a potential country-wide upheaval.

As of late the United States is becoming divided in their political ideals. People are resorting to violence and no longer respect those who have a different opinion as their own. They are acting on hate without considering the consequences.

If we stop to think about it, wasn't that a similar mindset in April of 1861?

If you don't agree just take a look at the evidence that's on television, articles online, and what the media is saying. Sure, there's such thing as “false news,” but if we look closely enough we will still see plenty of disagreements taking place, and that's putting it nicely.

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  1. David Elias said:

    I see it Coming, To Many Illegals and Dems are Wanting to Keep an Open Door

  2. David Elias said:

    I see it Coming Sooner than Later. Trump is Proving how Corrupt the Gov. Is. The Dem’s Want Open Borders and Flooding the Ballot Box with Illegal Voters all While trying to DisArm Americans. I know what side I’ll be On

  3. William Rembowski said:

    Work to prevent a civil war because that is the best way to survive.

    Civil war makes no sense. Who you going to kill? Your neighbor? Kid’s school teacher? Local cop? Grocer?

  4. Don Hughes said:

    I wish you guys would get a different layout for your page. The next page sh*t is getting really lame. I want to read your articles but I very rarely get past the first page as in this case.

    Anyways, I tend to think the next American war will be between the stupids and the rest of us. There are just too many stupid and gullible people who are making life rough for all of us because they believe anything the government or media says. In a democracy that’s a death sentence because the dumb mob is ruling.