NASA Admits That They Sprayed Lithium Into the Atmosphere

airplane lines in the air

Recently new evidence emerged in regards to NASA spraying substances that were unusual into our atmosphere. Even though officials told everyone that the chemicals were “harmless to the environment,” we have to ask ourselves if the substances are safe for humans.

No is the answer because what we're breathing in is mind-altering drugs that can have serious consequences on our health. Unfortunately, this recent NASA revelation isn't as shocking as many of us might think.

On January 25th, 1945 in Grand Rapids, Michigan the fact that the government was adding chemicals into the public water supply was released. In fact, 61.2% of the U.S. population is now reliant on public water with fluoride levels. These levels happen to exceed the recommended maximum dosage that is even safe for humans to consume. Fluoride isn't a medication, it's a toxic waste byproduct.

Our constant exposure to fluoride can cause thyroid issues, kidney problems, and even causes issues with bone formation. Not to mention that it also can reduce cognitive abilities.

That's why it isn't a surprise that the government could also be adding chemicals into our atmosphere. They're disguising it as medicients, but we know better. Even though NASA claims the chemicals won't harm us, these chemicals are also used to treat psychiatric patients.

So we'd like to ask why these chemicals are being dumped into the air we're breathing. To find out more about this topic, visit the next page. Then watch the video that reveals more about this frightening revelation.

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