Military Veteran Lives Completely Off The Grid and Was Asked to LEAVE His Land

off grid winter home

Living off the grid is a dream for many people, and this is especially the case since taxes and the cost of living continue to go up.

While several survivalists enjoy developing off the grid properties for use in case a survival situation should take place, there are still preppers who make off grid homes to live there full-time.

This is good news for them because the costs of living are cut down considerably. Just think of what they would be spending normally on a home in a location where it's desirable to live!

Unfortunately people who choose to live off grid aren't always allowed to. Many government officials are starting to crack down on this trend. They are fining those who choose not to use power and water in their homes and have even gone so far to evict and put people in jail because they refuse to live their life like everyone else does.

Tyler Truitt, a former Marine, learned this the hard way.

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